Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ review

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The S20 and S20+ are basically the same phone, aside from their differences in size, battery and mmWave support. The Plus also has an additional depth sensor on its back for slightly better portrait mode and AR effects. Are those features worth the extra $200 for the larger phone? Only if you really want a bigger screen, extra long battery and super fast 5G on T-Mobile. Verizon offers a mmWave-compatible S20, so your decision will also depend on what carrier you’re on. For most people, though the base S20 is plenty of phone.

In the case of this year’s S20 trio, smaller is so much better. I felt like the Ultra was overkill when it came to size, camera features and most importantly, price. At $1,000, the S20 costs about the same as its competitors, though the S20+ still comes in at a premium. But they’re also the best-looking Android flagships around with speedy performance and long battery life. For that money, you’ll also be getting excellent displays and blazing 5G speeds where available. If $1,000 is too much for you, you might want to wait for other options like the rumored Pixel 4a or consider the S10 series, which could offer most of what you need for a fraction of the price. Right now, though, the S20 and S20+ are the best Android phones money can buy.

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  1. What the hell is this review? I thought you will be talking about S20 vs S20+, but instead the whole video is S20 ultra vs rest of S20. Total waste of time…

  2. Unfortunately in South Africa we only get the horrible exynos version of the phone and I'm really not happy with my battery life and cam performance, if Samsung only sell the exynos version in SA in future I will never ever buy another Samsung again

  3. You keep talking about the Ultra version, if I wanted to hear about the Ultra I would click on that Video, not to the S20, S20+ video. Bad review sorry.

  4. Which one do you suggest for teenage hands. I really like s20 plus but i dont wanna have ergonomical finger issues or sth else . Should i buy s20*🧐

  5. Why is the ultra impractical? Ohh, it's your personal preference which isn't how others view the Ultra. 2mm screen difference between ultra and plus.. you make it sound like it's a 2 inch difference. So 2mm smaller is so refreshing.. Idk why you think 10x looks bad on ultra. 10x all the way up to 30x is very good.

  6. I bought the S20+, but in my country, 5G isn't very good at all, and it costs a bit more to get speeds that I won't even have access to 90% of the time, so I won't be using the 5G feature for another year or two, but I at least wanted a 5G capable phone for future-proofing. However, if it weren't for the lack of a microSD card reader (forcing me to buy the 256GB model) and the inflated price of it in my country, I probably would have gone for the OnePlus 8 Pro though because I prefer OxygenOS over OneUI.

  7. The 5g that is being developed is not the same as 5g available on networks. Like on att my phone says 5ge, because it isn't real 5g and the tests that have been done on these fake 5g networks shows them to be slower than 5g and I def notice that when my phone goes into 5g. The real 5g when it finally rolls out, is supposed to be game changing fast. That info would have been good in this video because u seemed to assume that was real 5g and it's not. It's a marketing trick.

  8. Very good review, when Verizon carries the base model S20 with the proper 5g waves in Quarter2 I will definitely consider. I luv the form factor at 6.2. The other two are just too large for my uses. Plus I like the 120hz display & 12gig's of ram & improved 📷's!

  9. In a year this phone will be old and outdated. All you people wasting a $1000 just so you can keep up with the Kardashins. I'll stick with my S20 thanks.

  10. Seems quite subjective..the fact that the screen is too big and that camera has too many features is not a concrete "review"…

    Still appreciate the time you took to do this..

  11. I have the S20+ for almost a month now. I love everything about the phone except for the volume button being on the right so close to the power button. It's harder to do the controls, I prefer it on the left side like previous S phones. Other then that its 👍

  12. I got the note 10+ 2 weeks ago and now I can trade in for a s20+ foc should I do it and is it worth? In my country, the S20+ has 8gb ram while note 10+ is 12gb