Samsung Galaxy S20 Comparisons! S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra!

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Hands on with all the new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones at their Unpacked Event in San Francisco!
Jenna’s S20 Video:


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  1. lJustine Our Family enjoyed your presentation the new Samsung Galaxy S 20 & Plus & Ultra
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  2. I have a oneplus 6 would it be best to upgrade to get a S20+ or S20? I'm debating between those two since money and not needing that huge camera set up and seem like they have a good camera on the base model of the s20. I like the 120hz which is the main selling point for me and would like something bigger. Do you think the s20+ would be too big? My Oneplus 6 is an all right size I like but if I go for the 20. It just doesn't seem like an upgrade if I was to go for the same size phone again (if that makes sense). Colour options isn't a huge factor as most of the phones I have used in the last decade has always been black/gray. Another main factor of the S20+ is the ram, I'm using a 8gb ram for my phone which gets the job done most of the time however I do like more due to headroom for the future. Finally the s20+ comes with the earbuds which isn't really a selling point but the s20 doesn't over here (in the UK). The only reason why I'm considering the s20 is due to price. Is it worth the extra to get a s20+ or just go with the s20?

  3. when you actually watch this after upgrading to the s20 cloud blue. I didn't feel the need for plus or ultra and I have had Samsung's from the first galaxy S only once did I have an iPhone and I went back to Samsung's straight after. personal preference won out.