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This video is going to be a full review about the Samsung Galaxy S20 (regular) itself and of course I will talk about the cameras but I really want to break things down in four major categories so first I want to talk about just a physical tour of the phone I’ll show you what we’re working with his phone’s really like to hold and use then I want to get into a quick camera test to show you you know how well the photos actually look I’ll do some videos just to give you guys an idea of what it is and then next I want to talk about Samsung’s big claims about this phone so they really made some big ones all over the media their website everything and I want to see how much is height and how much is actually truth in as much of a testing fashion as possible 4th I actually want to get him to a pro and con list for this phone because they’re definitely are a few drawbacks that you should know about before buying this phone know that being said let’s get in the video starting off with a physical tour of this device .

A. Physical tour of the phone
Colors = cloud pink, cosmic grey, cloud blue, cloud white, aura red
Display = 6.2” Gorilla Glass 6 Infinity-O display, 3200 x 1440, HDR10+
Cameras = 64MP 3x hybrid, Wide angle, Ultra Wide angle
10MP selfie, 12MP Wide, 12MP ultra wide, 64MP Telephoto (Wide = f/1.8 for night)
Wireless charging 2.0 & wireless powershare
Side key, and volume buttons
Sim tray and expandable storage (up to 1TB)
Snapdragon 865 processor
Double touch sensitivity
No HR sensor, no headphone jack
IP68 water rating
B. Samsung’s claims about this phone
A Revolutionary Camera Experience (Zoom, Resolution, Night, 8k video, steady, Single Take Mode)
Long Battery Life (4000 mAh)
secure processor dedicated to protecting (test speed of FP sensor)
120Hz screen, doubled touch sensitivity (240Hz sample rate) – currently limited to 1080p but there may be an update to change this
C. New Features
Google Duo integration in messages
Message conversation categories
Live transcribe
Bixby integration with spotify and netflix
Customizable edge lighting
Focus mode
Music Share, Link to Windows, Bixby Routines, and Dual BT
D. Drawbacks
How is this the lowest model?
Camera bugs that need to be resolved
8k video is limited
120Hz is limited
No headphone jack and no HR sensor
I think we could have a better FP sensor

Single take photography – what does it really do?
Night photo quality with each lens
Daytime quality
Video Test (for 8k, we will zoom in 2x and 4x) – limitations (stability, autofocus tracking, video effects, zoom)
Speed of FP sensor


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Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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  1. Please need a quick answer cause I'm gonna choose between s20 s20 plus today can you drag down the features in the camera here like the s20 plus can

  2. I got mine for £1008.00 gbp, spread over 24 months, so I guess that works out at $1362.00 usd at current exchange rates.
    However, that cost includes unlimited 4G/5G Data, and unlimited talk, texts, and also tethering to other devices. So a pretty good deal imo.
    This is on the '3' network, in the UK. Yes, it is not sim free, but I've been on this network for about 3 years already, and I'm happy enough with data connection and call quality etc. They pretty much cover the whole of the UK, with varying data download speeds, depending on location. But where I live, I regularly get speeds of 50+ Mbps, which is faster than most UK copper cable broadband providers. So Needless to say, I tether my phone to my laptop and smart TV, as my primary source for the Internet and video streaming.

  3. So disappointed with the image processing software from Samsung. I strongly dislike how much they smooth out faces, despite disabling all available image processing junk.

  4. So update on my s20+ …. got it on Saturday and will be returning it for the regular s20 itself….
    So my peanut opinion so I thought with the s20+ I will get a more screen slide or tab if I may call it… but no it just has some unnecessary space gaps that should be reduced to experience more scroll page… so basically s20+ is like have a magnifier on s20… cos same page wise with engaged spacing. I hate big chunky words. My front was not smaller than what I was expecting.
    Don't waste your money… if just for sizing matters then go for the s20+

  5. Never knew that Nate's brother had a tech channel! I have an iPhone 6s+ that I'll be trading in for the S20. The price just goes down to about 700$ along with education discounts.

  6. Had mine just over a week now, coming from a Huwaei P20 Pro. I agree about getting used to the finger print sensor but other than that very happy with the phone.

  7. I’ve been drawn to the s20 + for some time but when came out it was way over priced in Canada at $1579. I just ordered one from BestBuy for $949 Canadian. Samsung made a huge mistake on their pricing and they’ve paid dearly for it. The iPhone is just flying off the shelves. I have one due to the apps I run. However, at $949 you can’t go wrong on the s20+. I can hardly wait though for the iPhone 12. I suspect Samsung will be blown out of the water.

  8. Great review, Mike! Happy to hear about Samsung’s extended support too. What do you think about the upcoming Pixel 5/4a 5G? Is the S20 better? Which would you choose? Thanks!

  9. i have the samsung s9+ for 18 months now and i want to upgrade it to have a really good camera+speakers for music+big screen+will work fast even in 1 year from now..
    should i but the A71 or the samsung S10 or the S20?

  10. Awesome review! I was skeptical on getting the Plus or the base S20, but your review convinced me the S20 is the way to go. I don't see .4 inches being worth the extra $200 when I already have the Tab S6 for movies and stuff at home. Thank you!

  11. There is no phone that is worth $1000, I got a51 5G and it been grate, Ps5 will cost like $600 and it will have software support for many years to come, samsung support their flagship phones for about 2 year

  12. I just got this phone $999 coming from a s8 active.I looked at the s20 plus but who wants that big ass phone in your pocket all day I got the regular s20 and I'm loving it right now threw a ottorbox case on it and all set for another 2 years

  13. My apps are not fully displayed in screen. There's a space left out for clock, connections, battery etc. Can this be configured? Thanks

  14. I recently upgraded my S8 for this phone and I do not like the fingerprint scanner. It was easier to use when on the back of the phone, imo. Also the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack is inconvenient as I do not like wireless ear buds. I do enjoy the faster refresh rate and the speakers.

  15. I just switched from the One Plus 7 Pro about a month. I absolutely love the size, software and IP rating and W charging.
    It's an amazing phone!