Samsung Galaxy S20 Full Review

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  1. I have a question,, I'm reaaally tempted to get this phone to replace my xs max but I just wanna know if in the long run (aka meaning like 3 or 4 years) I'll still be able to us the phone nicely 🥺🌸 other than that worry I would get it. Since you know about things like this,, is this phone gonna be okay in the long run? 🥺 please help

  2. Finally got this phone a month ago. Very satisfied so far. My country have exynos but I have no complaints so far. The phone only getting hotter if the internet signal are bad (live in a developing country, it can't be helped). I use it mainly for work (ms office, zoom and the like). Also youtube, weverse and took a document pics. Really love the compact and small design (and that's my first requirement for a phone) 💜💜💜

  3. I love the size of this phone. Sucks that almost all flagships now are big bricks and the smaller version usually have a small battery or hardware limitations

  4. can i ask, is samsung pay compatible in the philippines? i’ve done a research about apple and sumsung pay, but i found out that samsung pay is better! can i use samsung pay for simple things like grocery shopping, department stores, and restaurants? i hope you can answer my question, cause i’m planning to upgrade! 🥰