Samsung Galaxy S20 Review 2 Weeks Later: Get This One Instead!

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  1. Very straightforward and helpful👌😎 I've been pondering which phone to get I've been a Galaxy guy forever currently using a 7 Edge which still works pretty well but it is time for an upgrade thank you for helping me with my decision God bless take care🛐🗿

  2. Honestly, I have an S10, and the WQHD vs FHD is unnoticeable. Didn't they use to say the human eye can't notice differences starting at 300ppi? And FHD is already more than 400 ppi, I use FHD all the time, I see no reason for WQHD

  3. I’m gonna buy the s20+ because how it feels in the hands but the normal s20’s screen feels big enough for me but I like how the plus feels in the hand, and also the s20+ plus is way cheaper than when they launched it it’s cheaper than the iPhone 12 mini in my area

  4. The ONLY thing of this phone sucks is the battery (I live in an Exynos Region :v). But that's kinda of okay, since I'm not a hard user, I love the fact that this is a flagship and a compact phone, bought it for $500 (2700) in local currency, so for me it isn't cheap, but it's definetly the best I can get for the price.

  5. Just got a black Friday deal in the UK for the S20 5g which ee assured me is the international model with the snapdragon. I was going for the S20 FE 5g, but got offered the S20 5g cheaper with more contract benefits. Did I make the right choice?

  6. I just got an email from my Service provider with a limited time offer for this cellphone "S20 5g" for $599 until the end of the month. I'm currently using the S7 at this moment and I'm thinking on buying a new one to upgrade it.
    What do you think? It's a good upgrade with a nice discount, right? 🤔

  7. I upgrade my Oneplus 7 to the Samsung S20 FE. Somewhat disappointed, did not notice much difference on the screen. I really don't see that the Oneplus is less "fluid"
    Main reason for change, that my DJI drone is not working with Oneplus, is now solved though.

  8. Hello! I have just taken my S20 out of the box. Surprisingly, I noticed that the perfect display is kind of yellowish. Even after I fixed the colours, blue mode and vivid modes, it still has this slightly yellowish tint… And it is not all over the display. It moves when my viewing angle is moving.
    Is it normal? Is it because it's an amoled display? Or I shall run and change it 😅