Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: All the Right Moves!

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Galaxy S20 is arguably the most important new phone Samsung makes…
Judner’s Day in the Life with Galaxy S20:
dbrand Grip for Galaxy S20:

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  1. Thanks 4 a great review. I'm scouting for my first Android phone since 2011 so I have my homework cut out for me.

    Your reviews focus on the things I need to know and will definitely help me make an informed choice.

  2. What a waste of money get a decent phone with decent specs and call it a day. These phone are over bloated and over priced. They're literally incrementally making the phone a little better then selling it to people for extra 300 – 400$. What they need to do is make a solar backing, now that's something I can get behind. Oh well guy can dream for actual new features that don't include a dumb fucking camera.

  3. just got the s20 5g.. was kinda bummed out to hear it doesn't have 5g mm wave but i think for myself this was overall the best phone out there for the price

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  5. My tip for this phone is to set zoom to max so back button gets huge and easy to hit and search bars grow and drop to most reachable level. Adjust text size accordingly. Then click the setting to drop the top of screen below the camera cutout. If you're a guy, you should now be able to reach everything on the screen one-handed. This is the most ergonomic setup.

  6. I want my headphone jack
    I have a one plus 6 still and I use both wired and wireless for different occasions
    I just want the fucking choice back

  7. Galaxy lost me at no headphone jack. I have wireless headphones but for work calls I prefer the traditional at the moment. I will stick w the s10 for right now.

  8. Wow…this phone is actually the better buy over the new Note20, not the Note20 Ultra. This phone even has a GLASS, it even has 12gb of RAM.

  9. All they need to do now is get rid of the big Indian dot on the video displays forehead. Until then I will never upgrade beyond my S9. I hate the notches and holes for the selfie camera day one. I will never upgrade my phone to anything that has that dot or notch…'s incompetent.

  10. I like the headphone jack. I've been on a lot of zoom meetings lately and use my wired turtle Beach headphones. I like my mute on turtle Beach