Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Attack of the Numbers!

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Galaxy S20 Ultra is what happens when Samsung throws all the biggest numbers in one place.
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  1. I feel tempted to buy this phone in 2021. With S21/S30 the price might drop and I came to see the review to justify putting my old A70 to rest.

  2. i wish they made them in more colors, black and gray are just boring and too basic, it's the only thing that makes me hesitate to buy one

  3. And other countryes have shit not s20 ultra 😂😂😂 because of exynos i hate samsung 😂😂 in some chosen countryes it is best but in other countryes it is shit believe me that is why xiaomi will overtake samsung and it will be less bought over time not worth it just believe me … look how different those phones exynos vs snapdragon samsung s20 ultra

  4. Getting mine tomorrow with the watch! Can't wait! Always been a fan of Samsung. Had to use an iPhone, as of late, due to my old phone crapping out. I really dislike iPhone because the headphones are crap and the headphone jack breaks after a few weeks. I also can't get a lot of my fav apps on iPhone either. I'm not dissing iPhone but it's just not for me.