Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Full Comparison. Camera samples, battery, features, specs & price! Which should you buy?

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  1. Bro all that shit sound good the Samsung galaxy like a Chrysler n iPhone is a Benz bro.
    The iPhone gets no viruses and ft is built in already and also just say you service is cut by your carrier as long as you under WiFi you can use your iPhone still also you can receive phone calls from iPhone users

  2. I disagree with his comments on the zoom features for the galaxy. I took my galaxy s9 to a BTS concert and had TERRBILE seats. I actually bought a telescope attachment in order to take pictures of the members and try to get some footage. The attachment had 100xs zoom and the pics may have been a little out of focus but the quality was good enough to have pics i deemed worth enough to print off and post. So i can only imagine how great the built in ability is for times like that.

  3. "It has got a massive 3750mah battery" !!!

    My galaxy m51 is $380 and it has 7000mah battery.
    Just change your channel's name and stop catering to apple fanboys cause you sound really dumb to the other 80% of users out there. Apple flagships are now comparable to $400 midrange phones.

  4. Samsung battery life is disgusting! That's why I'm here looking at Apple. Just can't take this battery drainage. Only thing is, I can't stand Apple either! What to do..