Samsung Galaxy S21 review

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Samsung did a lot to lower the price of the regular Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus. But it did prioritize one major upgrade: the processor. Is the new chip, the new design, and the new fingerprint sensor enough to make up for the rest of the phone staying basically the same as last year? Dieter Bohn reviews it to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review:

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Samsung Galaxy S21 review
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  1. I just bought the S21 and I like the back of the regular s21 cause glass breaks and is expensive to replace. The size is perfect and so smooth with the 120 hz refresh rate.


    They hide a lot of stuffs ……. E.g : To use step counter / heart rate sensor etc you need Samsung health app.

    Samsung health app since April 2021 wants permissions to your

    – Telephone

    – Contacts

    – Camera

    – GPS etc …

    Why does a step counter need these permissions ???

    Without these permissions you wont be able to use Samsung Health and without this app. your Heart Rate sensor etc are useless on a $1200 + Phone or your Galaxy watch.

  3. Oh wow, an actual review on the base model of the phone.. seems like everyone else was too focused on the Ultra variant.

    Just know I appreciate you, Verge.

  4. Watching on my s20 ultra, and still loving it…but you know it's all about personal preference, I need to have my sd card….😝

  5. lot of users are complaining S21 Exynos 2100 version is getting heated quickly using video call and camera is that true ? what is the reson behind it ?

    i'm asking this because i want to buy a new one

  6. Hi how do you active PIP in S21 seen that it can be done but cant work it out ??? Any help would be much appreciated thank you. Does the s21 also have object erase?

  7. The lack of accessories is not an issue of value, but an issue of: The customer don't matter.

    If you are a prestigious brand, you would aspire to deliver the most prestigious package to the consumer.

    What if Tesla stopped selling wheels?
    What if Starbucks stopped selling coffee in cups?
    What if Qualcomm stopped producing SOCs with GPUs?

    It's sad that in 2021, basic things like taking pride in delivering good service to customers has to be taught.

  8. Th only thing drawing me to the s21 is how good the trade in value is right now. I know the price of the phone will go down but I hope the trade in value for older samsung phones doesn't degrade as much

  9. It's interesting, that I've bought the Note 2 during it's release week for 300 Bucks while I'd have to pay around 1500 Bucks for the S21 nowadays 😀

    And yeah I know inflation and "some" more features my comment's just a joke

  10. The Note 9 is $1400 on Samsung's shop. Thats almost double the price it was at release. They know how bad their new phones are.

  11. I've watched so many review videos of this phone and they all seem like duplicates of one another. This is quite disappointing, because I watch different reviewers to get their unique thoughts a views. I recommend that when you're working on a review for a product, don't watch anyone else's review until after you've released yours.

  12. I have the iPhone 12 mini, Pixel 5 and now the S21.

    Out of the three:

    1. S21
    2. iPhone 12 mini/Pixel 5 (Tie)

    Pixel 5 is a super nice phone, but I use the playback speakers alot and the Pixel 5's in ear speaker on top is just terrible. iPhone 12mini has a really nice setup in comparison, but it has a very weak battery life and doesn't get through the day for me.
    The S21 basically solved all of these problems for me.