Samsung Galaxy S4 Hints and Tips: Volume 1 (10 tips)

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To see ALL my Samsung Galaxy S4 hints and tips, check out the playlist:

To see ALL my Samsung Galaxy S4 videos, check this playlist:

Welcome to Volume 1 on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Hints and Tips ‘Basics’ series. You’ll find ten different hints, tips and tutorials in here about getting the best out of your device, the tips included in this video are:

@0:06 How to Reorder Notification Settings Bar
@1:31 Long Press on the Notification Settings Buttons
@2:39 How to put Applications on your Front Lockscreen
@4:14 How to setup and App Page or Camera Launcher From your Homescreen
@6:12 How to Take a Screenshot
@8:04 How to Turn off the Earphone Notification Dock
@10:43 How to Create Homescreen Folders
@12:50 How to Adjust Touch Key Light Duration
@13:55 How to Change the Vibration Settings
@16:04 How to Access Developer Options

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  1. Strange, I don't have a Swipe options at all under my Lock Screen. My carrier is AT&T, so it may not have this available perhaps?