Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

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Need repairs for your Samsung? Watch our instructional video or see the services and pricing we offer:
We provide digitizer replacements, touchscreen and LCD replacements, charging port replacemetns, water damage diagnostics and more!
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  1. is this dude a fucking idiot?

    LCD clearly works at the beginning then he's destroying it? WTF man no common sense in how to do this repair! Un-fucking believable. Sir educate before you try to educate others. Good lord looking at this mad me to just stop repairing phones altogether. Garbage!

  2. before taking the motherboard out above the LCD connector is a screw, dont know if yous had this apart before but I had a screw (black) yours is missing look around 2:19 other than that GREAT VIDEO

  3. i have repair the screen as you said and it works perfect. but.
    sometimes it shown like more black in the center of the screen (like the screen is more attached there with the digitizer). this happens when i touch the screen.
    can i fix this? what is it?

  4. hello, i did this, but the lcd don´t turn on, but works when i put to prove  whit out turn over the flex works perfect, so like a book open works but when i put to cloes all didn´t works..

  5. I've tried really hard to smash the glass on my Galaxy S4 and it will not crack.  I've even smacked it against a metal door handle and nothing!  Not a single crack.  I dropped the phone on my drive way, it landed on one corner, then I kicked it, it landed on another corner on solid concrete and not a single crack.  Needless to say, I hate the phone!  I took a hammer to the camera and smashed it. But the glass has not cracked.  On Monday I am taking it to work and running it through our IT shredder while my new LG G3 video tapes the final death blow to my much hated Samsung Galaxy S4.

  6. Great video.
    One caution, at 2 minutes 13 seconds there is a small black screw located at the top, gold circle near his thumb, RIGHT side of the screen. It holds the motherboard down. I do not see it removed in the video, but it is there on both of my phones.

  7. I had a tiny crack on my glass. I had my only glass replaced by a "professional" for $65. i found that he used some aftermarket glass with no glue. now my screen is acting weird while sliding it jumps and gets stuck. I'm sure something wrong with sensors. After this experience Id recommend to make sure you get the whole deal with digitizer from a reputable source. don't buy cheap knockoffs you will not be happy.   that's how I ruined a perfect s4

  8. Not to mention this guy replaces the front glass undamaged. Try doing it With splintered glass and the time it takes makes it worth the extra cost to simply buy the LCD as well (entire Assembly- done in 15 minutes).

  9. This guy's like a bull in a china shop! Seriously, unless you want to replace your ENTIRE phone, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go screwing around inside this delicate piece of electronic equipment with an 'Exacto' knife blade! Not only will you probably cut your phone in half, you may end up losing a finger or two! Do NOT even try this at home . . .you WILL be very sorry, and a few hundred $$$ out of pocket.