Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Hands-On

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In this hands-on video, Aaron goes in-depth with the version of TouchWiz found on the new Samsung Galaxy S 4. The hardware may look similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III, but the Galaxy S 4 features some great new software features like Air View, Air Gesure, Air Jump, S Translator, S Health, and Samsung Hub. If you liked the software value adds from the Galaxy S III, you’ll really appreciate the improvements.




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  2. The hover air gestures don't really work that well, in fact they're a gimmick t the moment in the same way s-voice is – one they're make all these features run seamlessly but certainly not in the near future. S4 owner!

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  5. Glad I can see past the basic upgrades and notice the only new things this phone has over its predecessor is the 4.2.2 android and air gestures for those more lazy than usual Americans. Id rather hold out for the droid DNA 2 which will just shame this phone. oh did I mention touchwiz is ugly. Did I also mention removable batteries and changeable memory is never a deal breaker for a phone. Anyway, I'm happy for all you fanboys, for real

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