Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 10 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips & Tricks The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a power house of a phone. Nicole Scott puts together 10 helpful tips, tricks and hidden features so you can become the master of your Smartphone.


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  1. Very nice. Didn't know about the pencil but at least that saves me from buying an S Pen. Have you found a way to keep the ram usage toned down? 2 GB is a lot of mem. but with TouchWiz it does tend to eat up the majority of space available. Would you suggest using a task manager? Some people have recommended a few to me but I hear that it's pretty harmful to to your phone so I'm not really sure what steps to take. I've already switched the runtime from dalvik to art, and limited background processes. Any advice would be appreciated. And thanks for the tips.

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