Samsung GALAXY S6 Advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Gestures & Helps [Ep-1]

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It’s a special video review on Galaxy S6 showcasing awesome Tips & Tricks, Features, Gestures and hidden tweaks!

Why buy a smartphone if you don’t know all of it’s smart features? All new Galaxy S6 packs numerous innovative hardware and software features and are funky, intelligent and out-of-the box. In this 1st episode, i tried to present you few of those jaw-dropping tricks, hope you will find this as helpful as before.

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  1. Gadgets Portal, What animations are you running? It looks like you turned the animations as to how much animations the phone came on. From this video the Galaxy S6 looks faster did here than it did vs your iPhone 6 speed test Video. I think that you put the animations back on to what the phone came on then on this video the Galaxy S6 looks fast. It was even fast closing down the app. Am I right? In this video do you have most of the animations off?

  2. Thanks this is a great quick start for a new user like me. But damn, must be the best multi tasking phone in the market.

  3. Bravo to you for the really cool tips. I thought I knew my way around my S6, but seeing your tips showed me some cool features I didn't know about! I can see you put decent effort into the tutorials! Everything flows nicely and is simple to understand. I even tried out some of the things you talked about as I watched, and it all works (lol). I specifically found the tips on the split screen functions very helpful. I knew they were there, but I didn't see how they could be practical until seeing you demonstrate them. Thanks for your time and effort in making the tutorial, I'm off to watch part 2!

  4. I have hand gestures activated but they just wont work, should i return it ? bare in mind my dad's galaxy s4 has the same problem ? regional lock maybe ?