Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Features – Quick Look

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brings about some unique features made specifically for the edge itself so we decided to take a closer look to see what they’re all about!

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  1. So basically the only function of an edge on unlocked screen is more advanced dialer? Nothing for apps (like camera app), UI shortcuts etc? Pretty much pointless (except the night clock). I like just because it looks good.

  2. Samsung still needs to broaden what the edge can be used for. As it is intended for notifications, it should be studied further. They need to work with developers and professionals to get the most of it, like the apple does. Otherwise people won't have a clue what it's designed for. Like the air view features didn't bring anything new and the upsm mode couldn't even bring the kindle app, the single most useful application.

  3. "So the first thing you're going to notice is that the s6 edge has an edge on both sides, which is different from Note 4 edge …"