Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips & Tricks

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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or are planning on getting one? Well check out our tips and tricks to help you get started on using your new phone!

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  1. how to cancel the updated version… i updated my s 6 edge android version all the features of egde has been chaged would you help me in bringing my s6 edge on its on factory version

  2. Hi Friend,
    I have a question if you can help, My apps icon appreas on the right corner at the bottom now. Initially it was in the middle as shown in the video. I am not sure how to move it back to the middle. Please help.

  3. please help me. i used to have s6 edge and then updated to s7 edge. now today i just bought brand new s6edge and updated to the latest version. But i don't know how to choose colours for edge people anymore. did they moved that feature out of it? and also when i used to miss a call or receive a message without knowing it used to give me an option to slide the notification from right or left pannel depending on which side my edge panel is. its not there anymore either.

    plz help me understand it. perhaps it shows notifications just like a normal notification on the screen instead of colourful slide notifications out of 5 people i chose ?