Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Drop Test!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test VS iPhone 6 Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S6 Compared To iPhone 6? Bonus Car Carnage Included.


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  1. SAMSUNG copy the iphone ?
    iphone copy the screen now is bigger like galaxy note phones
    samsung started with the metal ._.
    iphone take the credits
    iphone just sucks

  2. Mine can I've dropped it off my roof scuffs everywhere but the screen has busted yet and I've dropped it multiple times there is a dent in the battery and I still use it till this day I'm using it right now

  3. Samsung didn’t even land face down on 10 ft, it landed on its side then went down on its face, if it actually landed face down the Samsung would have cracked way worse, this guy is just covering samsung