Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 4 – Quick Look

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It’s finally a real battle again with the Samsung flagships going at it – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. I have Note 4 and if Note 5 is same like S6 with no removable battery and no Micro SD, I 100% won't upgrade even if Note 5 has 20MP camera and 4k screen.

  2. Can someone tell me whether I should buy the note 3 or note 4? What are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each ? I cannot afford the note 5 btw I'm a student so not made of money 🙂

  3. People don't care enough about removable batteries yet they always complain about battery life. No matter how good battery optimization gets, it won't be able to compete with phones that can swap for new ones. On long trips, I can use my note 4 all I want while people worry about charging their phones. I always have two extra batteries on hand. When one runs low, I'll pop in a fresh one and have 100% battery in the time it takes to restart the phone.

  4. Now with advance technology picture quality "resolution" the highest the better, so in case u want better than best quality or more space, extra space on the side is better, u can always remove ur simcard, another thing, new apps require more data, and use space also, guess where that goes, in temperature wuich is storage also. Unless you wipe ur phone all the time and know how that works than should be no problem, but as for me, i really love not worring bout that. My note 4 is 32gb plus i have a 128gb extra card, i take ultra hd videos, highest resolutin pictures, install any apps and games, download my movies on my phone, save tons of things, and my phones does not crash, nor heats. Stylus pen is cool when playing candy crash, writing, multi screen usage, hd voice and lot more. this note 4 is bad a$$,

  5. I'm really not sure which phone I should get , I consider myself a power user , sometimes I watch youtube all day on my Ipad mini not too much on my phone ( I prefer the bigger screen and the quickness ) I currently own a Iphone 4 , but if there are situations where my Ipad is like downstairs and I am upstairs with my phone and have a lazy day I use my phone. All I do is watch youtube , sometimes play games , surf internet , check social media , whatsapp with my friends , thats it. Don't care about removalable battery and SD card and stuff.

  6. in a few days we will know if the note line will still have the removal back cover and battery, or if samsung desides to go with the "more premium Materials" and a unibody design.
    i kind of like the possibility to change the battery and expand the storage. although i never changed my battery in my s4 in 2 years.

  7. The battery life on the s6 is very disappointing, I was sick of bad battery life on my old iphone 5, and I imagined the battery life on this would be much better but yah, 3 hours of whatsapp is enough to kill it never mind videos… Note seems much better, the option to remove the battery and replace is amazing.

  8. Samsung galaxy S6 "nope", Samsung Galaxy Note 5 "Hell No",  Edge Versions, "fuck No", Samsung, you took away everything I loved about the Galaxy's, I am buying a Samsung Note 4 Now in 2015 even after the others have been released. When Note 4 is outdated, LG is then getting my money. Good Bye Samsung.

  9. coming from an iphone 4, I thought about getting a note 5, because I don't like the newer iPhones, I waited but afaik Note 5 won't come out in my country so now I don't know, should I get note 4, should I wait, maybe windows phone? I don't like S6 tbh. The only Samsung phone I like is note

    but it has to last a few years, I'm not someone who changes his phone ever year, I have my iphone 4 for about 5 years now, and its still working except the iOS updates killing my phone

  10. Note 4 is very good phone , only the body color issue. Thats solution is a back case use. phone is really awesome. s6 have no card dlot and no removal battery

  11. i think note 4 is better? the phone screen is bigger you can change batteries like me i got 2 and i can edit pictures easily on my note 4 cause the screen is big enough

  12. Is it worth upgrading from a Note 4 to a Note 5 or you wouldnt bother ?
    When i bought my Note 4 i promised myself it was the last phone i would buy because i found out about the Note 5 not having a removable back cover and no external storage, so this alone turned me right off the LATEST samsung devices because i think this is how the next few models are going to be. Possibly the S8 and Note 6 (when they come out) will still have a glass rear panel and no removable memory or battery.
    There is something really nice looking about the Note 5 but i dont think its worth upgrading when you already have a Note 4 thats is brand new condition without a mark on it.

  13. for everyone who want to chose betwen those two phones :i own both.. both are exelent phones .. the s6 has that premium felling in hand because of its design .. but if you use a silicone case the s6 will have the same look with the note 4 … but still is the s6 is more practic and powerfull .. with a better cam too…about note 4 .. thr screen its awsome for watching videos or playin heavy games .. the battery life is awsome on both phones .. the ram is the same too