Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6 Water Test! Waterproof?

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Water Test VS iPhone 6 Water Test. Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Waterproof or Resistant at all? Impressive Results!

S6 VS iPhone 6 Drop Test HERE:


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  1. wow i cant believe that samsung galaxy s6 is a water proof!! because im using samsung galaxy s6 but the color is blue topaz and my mom just give it to me last Nov 3 2017 and im really curios if my phone is a water proof i ask my aunti if this is a water proof and she said yes i dont believe but when i watch this video i try and it really works it dont have any damage or any not working apps in my phone and now i already know that phone is a water proof

  2. I once accedently poured water on my galaxy s6 edge for just about 5 sec and then it turned off and did not charge until 2 days but when it's night time it stops charging for some reasons.

  3. I have a question?
    Why did the Samsung’s screen look like the oringinal iPhones back camera?
    If you don’t know what I am talking about it has like a wavy type of display