Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge!
In this video, i’ll be giving you some Tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
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Some features include the new Samsung game manager as well as game tools. There is also the new private mode and some cool Galaxy Edge features! I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks For Watching!


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  1. S7 edge is missing settings

    Also I seem to be missing settings on the swipe down.

    What version of fucking Android am I running? Why should I even care about that crap

    Why oh Why did I change from an iphone to a fucking Samsung?

    Don't do it it will ruin your life

  2. ───▄█▌─▄─▄─▐█▄

  3. verry helpful review tamer iwas going to buy one but didnt know ANYTHING about it and when i watched your vid i knew alllooottt about the device and also i hope your channel hits 1 million subs before the end of 2017

  4. so you're telling me that this phone the S7 Edge from Samsung the Galaxy waste bunch of memory on just be able to do the same thing as you can from the top of the screen for the edge God this phone sucks so bad I have one and I wish I could go back to my LG V10 before this damn thing I didn't have to clear out on out I didn't have to load up something that give me tons of freaking app specially in the middle of the night when my phone is off this is no good you could have used the memory for a lot of other things not using it just because you want another thing to touch on the edge as a person with fingers when you you grab the phone you hit the edge you turn things on that your didn't want to turn on the cameras great everything else about this phone sucks you have to clear it out constantly you have to keep clearing it out constantly have to clear it out so many different times it's pathetic

  5. This GRANDMOM thanks you for showing me the "EASY MODE"(AKA MOM MODE LOL). Just when I was finally learning how to use my iPhone…the kids bought me the S7Edge SMH I am sure I will learn much more from your video in the near future.

  6. you taught how to select pictures to "move to private." But you forgot to say HOW to access the private pictures that were "moved to private." Very frustrating.