Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: 20+ Tips and Tricks

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A collection of 20+ tips and tricks for your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge ( Which tip or trick is your favorite? Are there any you recommend? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. I have a bunch of questions 😀
    1. When you set the scale to 0.5x on both things, will that take more off your power/batterie?
    2. And all of the extra settings you put on… Will they also take more of the power/batterie? 😀

  2. Comments of this comment section

    25%-Apple fanboy's crying about how good and better is the iphone 7s plus
    25%-People making cryingy joke's
    25%-Samsung fanboys starting comment war's against apple fanboy's and saying wich company is better
    26%-yeah i agree good phone ill buy one
    1%-comments like mine
    you have been warned

    Edit 1:i just fixed some grammar mistakes

  3. hello iam ariel,can i get ur s7 edge because in our school iam the only one who has no phone because me and my family can`t afford because we r poor…… iam just trying if you could give me because christmas is coming i hope you can read this….thank you