Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge Advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Hacks (Ep-1/7)

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S7 Edge Tips PART#2-
WHAT’S SO SPECIAL about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge? If you ultimately buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, what’s the meaning of spending so much if you don’t know half the features these smartphones offers? Introducing an exclusive Tips & Tricks video series on these Samsung flagships, you will be blown -away to know the smart software features these phones boast of!

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  1. hey, please give me a replay.. What phone is better : Samsung galaxy
    Grand 2 or Lenovo vibe s1 lite…. I'm thinking to buy a new one and i
    rlly prefere s1 lite cause front camera is pretty awesome(i mean 8mpx
    and led flash???? too crazy) .. But i know lenovo isnt that good as
    samsung… your opinion please ? 🙁

  2. suresh would you know of a way to get the s7 edge to work with the samsung media smart dock? I previously had note 2 then note 4 which both worked. I am wondering if there is something that needs activating or if it simply doesn't fit. Thanks in advance

  3. A word of warning. I added the direction lock and for some reason (despite clicking to Keep em enabled, and testing them after exiting settings menu), suddenly my fingerprints stopped working and the lockscreen only accepted the direction lock method.
    Which would be fine, if not for a glitch that made it double-input whatever first direction i swipe in.
    Now waiting for my 10 minute timeout to try a fifth time to get in my own phone, lol.

  4. Edge-Shit! Too bad that Samsung didn't made the regular S7 with a 5.5'' screen. I will never, ever buy an Edge… That's why I ended buying the regular S7. I wanted Note 5 but considered that the S7 have much updated hardware and the camera is so good.

  5. Hi.. I recently bought a samsung galaxy s7 edge. Can anyone please tell me how to set up notifications on lock screen to show the contact's name but to hide the content/body of the messages. I tried the hide content on lock screen option but it then only shows that i have a new message and no details at all. Ideally I would like to see the contact's name but no content displayed.