Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus Comparison, Speed Test, Camera Test, Battery, Fingerprint, Features Review
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  1. The S7 edge is a wonderful phone with a better display, water resistance and great customizability options. but I can't live without FaceTime, also, apps are much better on iphones than on androids. I was waiting for the iPhone 7 to launch, the price for the 6s to drop. And now im getting it tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I need a new phone and can't choose between staying with iPhone or going to Samsung. All of my music is on iTunes which makes me want to stay with iPhone but Samsung has a better camera help me choose?

  3. I'm panning to buy mobile!! But I'm stuck in this two models!! iPhone6s or Samsung edge s7!! I'm confused in this stuff which one to buy!!!

    Suggest me Good one ???

  4. Yeah i have been an android user for like 7 years and i decided to buy an iphone 6s plus this yer in march. Aaaaand it was the biggest bullshit i have done the entire year, i do not liked it it freezes over time and in applications, the maps suck too i was in Sweden and when i checked my Iphone map ( or wtf is it named ) it showed me that i am in Norway… well " don't worry there's no sugar " wright ?. Well i think that iphone is dead and i think people just buying it because it is glamorous. I think that the best soft cellphone is had was the HTC, and i kinda liked the Samsung edge too.

    SOOOO . personal opinion . DO NOT BUY IPHONE, because it is a waste of time and money.

  5. I have a s7 edge. when I got it I really wanted it and was so excited but a year later I HATE it. I want a iPhone 6s plus or iPhone 7. I guess once you were ios it's too hard to change. really wish I went for the iPhone 6s plus as I'm stuck with a stupid s7 edge for one more year

  6. One thing i love about iPhone is that thay are gimmick free, thay dont even trying to misslade people by usless gimmicks and gain the fake popularity

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