Samsung Galaxy S8 6.2 Inch? – What is Snapchat Worth? – Blackberry Mercury Leak

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  1. Why did they increase the screen size?!? Every phone manufacturer should keep their main flagship phones at around 5 inches. 5.8 and 6.2 inches is tooooo big. :(((

  2. If this S8 doesn't really make my eyes pop I'm waiting for the Note8 to come out. I want to see a mind blowing Ai experience. I want a 4k screen on there. I want a Samsung cloud with unlimited photo and video storage and 100% access and control over it. I want 6gigs ram and 128 memory with all USA variants standard with expandable storage. O want all the goodies the Note7 had packed into the S8. Lastly I want Samsung to do something special for all of us former Note7 owners that stuck with Samsung.

  3. The screens going to be that big but I don't think the phones will be that much bigger than the s7 and s7 edge as it's the bezels getting smaller and screen getting bigger not the screen getting bigger and the phone getting bigger with the bezels staying the same

  4. Stop showing that picture that's not what the s8 will look like the fingerprint won't be on the back the speaker I don't feel will look like that one of the biggest things is Samsung is also ditching the headphone jack which you can clearly see here and that really does look like a micro USB port if any think the fist picture down is more likely to be the s8

  5. Needs to be 4K resolution. Needs to have fingerprint reader embedded into screen. Needs to have at least 6gb ram, though 8gb is better for desktop experience (DEX). No bezel > minimal bezel. Get rid of the "SAMSUNG" name badging, replace it with an ICON.

    Could care less about Bixby, infact I doubt it would be better than Google Assistant, they should focus on less bloatware instead.

    Big fan of Samsung but they need to hit HARD, and so far the leaks, if accurate , are disappointing.

  6. really only a 3000 battery that's smaller then my nexus 6p and the s8 will have a bigger screen if this is reall looks like i will be sticking with my crappy nexus