Samsung Galaxy S8 After 30 Days || Review

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Here’s my experience with the Samsung Galaxy S8 after 30days!

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  1. And the Apple iPhone X gets hate for removing the home button…. and I just realised that literally NOBODY complained that the home button was also removed on the S and the Note 8…….. Why? Why do you have to do this to Apple you rude people?

  2. This is why I put on a plasctic clear cover, but it makes me feel odd, because I got it for its smooth edges. But now it is not slippery.

  3. I personally use the side panel a lot. But only one of them, the one with my most used apps which I think is very convenient. But I turned off all the others.

    Nice vid

  4. I currently have a Samsung S6. In your opinion, would it be worth the expense of the S8 upgrade? My biggest issue is the camera. What say you? Thanks for posting this informative video.