Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review – Are They Any Good?

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Checking out the included AKG earbuds that come with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus!

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  1. I like mine. They work pretty good. The most I'd pay for earphones are around 50-60 . I like speakers more lol. these are FrEE and work just as well as a 50-60 earphones, I wouldn't say it's a 100 dollarearphones but they work just asfine. Try doing personalized sounds and play around with the equalizer to get better sound quality. I think they're good

  2. I usually leave the included headphones in the box never use them but I took your advice and gave them a try and you are right they sound pretty and fit well Thanks.

  3. I have a app I purchased called Jet Audio plus and I purchased all of the add one. I bet with that app that ear buds will sound really good. BTW I plan on buying the S8 in March when the price cut happened when the S9 comes out on the 16th.

  4. Does nobody else have the problem of echoing/rubbing type sound traveling up the cord as you move around the and the chord rubs against your clothing? Especially when running/exercising? It was the first thing I noticed….typical in cheap earbuds. Didn't have that issue with iphone earphones.

  5. Is it just me or the first time I tried these headphones out they were great but after 3-4 uses the volume got extremely low to the point that the headphones are unusable

  6. Including the ear buds was just a statement from Samsung, a dig at iPhone idiocy for excluding all the amazing options for audio accessories by eliminating the headphone jack. And the AKG ear buds sound great, even though I use JBL (also Harman/Samsung) E55BT which are PERFECT for active people looking for full wireless, huge battery life at 6000mah, and incredible sound. I use them at work so I can slip them on and off when I need to communicate with coworkers and not fumble with ear buds and wires, and at low volume they leave enough ambient sound to still allow me to hear, pretty important in a dangerous work environment.

  7. No, they are not any good. They are not even real AKGs. Samsung probably made them produce the cheapest earbuds that they could. Sound quality is equal to 5 dollar shitty earbuds. And did I mention the FUCKING EARBUDS NEVER FIT IN YOUR EAR?

  8. I like them, they fit well without popping out my ear, I had that problem a lot with the Apple earbuds. My friends are really impressed with the sound and have made the statement that you can't hear nothing when you got them fitted and you're rocking out.

  9. I love my S8 AKG earbuds comes with the Samsung they're actually fits the best out of all other my headphone and they're sound good. Also Samsung didn't made it cheap with plastic this time. I am looking for a link to get another one if I can find it.

  10. they are not 'AKG earbuds'. They are samsung earbuds which are tuned by AKG which is completely different

  11. Do not use these when you cross the street, the sound isolation they provide is huge. You hear absolutely nothing from the outside. Even when you don't listen to any music you can barely hear anything.

  12. my sound experience using this AKG earphone is too shrill or too much treble. i don't know if any setting for the phone or earphone. if you have one please share the setting or recomended music player apps.

  13. They are pretty good at first, but if you only use one of them in your ear and the other one just hanging on your other ear, the one IN you ear gets much quieter than the one hanging which gets annoying if you use both at the same time, because u can tell which one is louder and which one is quieter.