Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus LED Wallet Case

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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus LED Wallet Case
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– S8 Plus
– S8
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View/receive LED notifications directly on the cover
Respond to incoming calls or alarms by swiping
Designate specific LED caller ID icons to know who is calling
Store cards using interior card pocket
Phone automatically sleeps when cover is closed and wakes when cover is opened


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  1. Thanks man, i was trying to decide which case to buy:Led view vs the Clear view one.This video made me go for the Led.
    Very informative and detailed.Just subscribed to the channel!Peace!

  2. +Flossy Carter I just got the S8 Plus and my Bixby is stuck on Korean voice. I switched it to English but it still speaks in Korean. I just turned it off. Don't really want it anyway but wish I could make it speak English to me 🙁 because I don't speak Korean besides Hello, goodbye, thank you.

  3. All good until you drop the phone when the case is open and your screen splatters pal.. no protection what so ever.. garbage case!