Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus UAG Case Lineup

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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus UAG Case Lineup
Buy them here,
– Pathfinder S8
– Pathfinder S8 Plus
– Metropolis S8
– Metropolis S8 Plus
– Plasma S8
– Plasma S8 Plus
– Monarch S8
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  1. Just picked up the s8 a few days ago, I was gonna grab otterbox, but the sales rep recommended the monarch, I love the case so far, hoping I don't have to test the drop durability, haha. But feels good, it's light, and feels strong.

  2. Thanks again for another great review I really appreciate your honesty and no bullshit approach, but my question is which one do you recommend the plasma or the monarch, I'll wait for your response before I purchase one.

  3. Have S6 more than 2 years with ice version of uag case. I'm using the case every day and phone still looks brand new! Case is a bit scuffed up and got some dents in rubber but overall good! Love UAG and I'll get it with S8 next week!

  4. The black looks like Spyder pattern Nice video but like the metropolis by UAG can also pick them up at FRY'S Electronic store in the phone department for $10 less FYI player Kool videos and very informational.