Samsung Galaxy S8 Best Tips, Tricks and Features!

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After using the S8 for a few weeks this video covers some of the best tips, and tricks to get the most out of the phone. It also looks at a couple of the best features and apps for the device.


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  1. Recommending Turning 1440p on won't really matter because nobody will really notice a difference anyway. Nobody will notice any difference watching videos in 1080p compared to 1440p especially depending on the quality of camera someone used to shoot their video; also because of the screen size

    If anyone goes out alot it's best to have settings on power saving mode: 720p resolution>-5 (leave it at none if it's really sunny out) brightness, always on display off, cpu limiter off, and network usage off.

    I notice that the S8 last for almost 6-10 hours on these settings. If it's a rainy dark day than sliding the brightness down to – 10 will crank out some more juice along with auto brightness turned on may give 10 h 30 min