Samsung Galaxy S8: Bixby

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Introducing Bixby: A new way to interact with your phone.

Bixby helps you complete tasks, tells you what you’re looking at, learns your routines and remembers what you need to do.

Just push the Bixby button.

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  1. Read bixby terms of agreement: shares images from camera to third parties before taking pictures or video. That doesn't even mean the camera app needs to be open. I guess 1984 should have been 2017

  2. I found the best thing out with Bixby….how to turn the stupid thing off! Now all Samsung has to do is allow customers to completely delete a pointless – waste of money and memory app. My issues are – paying for the R&D in the high cost of the S8. If it was something useful or better than – I get it. Its miles behind the competition yet users are expected to put up with its downfalls whilst Bixby improves. In the meantime alternatives (which are already years ahead) will also improve. Samsung – stop wasting money and expect your customers to pick up the bill. Give us something your customers actually want – please!!