Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera – Pro Mode

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Don’t just see the light. Paint with it, too. Adjust the settings for long exposure on your Galaxy S8 camera to capture majestic pictures at night.

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  1. These S8 camera tutorial videos looks like iPhone 7's "How to capture….." videos. Come on Samsung, try something new in videos. See other companies like Huawei makes videos of their own concept about tutorial (like Huawei P10 Masterclass). Make something innovative in videos.

  2. i don't get it how to shoot light trails with my s8, have tried so many times to shoot light trails with iso 50 shutter speed 10sec and the result is always over exposure…

  3. How come every time I do something of a YouTube video it never works. I turned down the Iso and turned my shutter so it stays open longer and im getting nothing but huge bright bullshit on my screen

  4. I never knew of this feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus or Note 8 I am now he thinking my priorities choosing over 1 plus iPhone or Samsung