Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs iPhone 7 Plus!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera gets put to the test with the iPhone 7 Plus! Which phone do you think has the best camera? 🙂
Jon’s Video! The Ultimate iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 Plus Comparison –
Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs iPhone 7 –

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is BEAUTIFUL! –

Enter here to win an iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! –

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  1. I don’t understand how shitty you took pictures with the 7 plus. You just have to select the zone where the light blow the camera and you turn on the flash and it will definitely take wonderful pictures. So just stop all of S fans to make shit on Apple. It’s an USA compagny that bring the most part of their employees directly on US. Not like the other racist country that took child and poor people to make ALL the phone.