Samsung Galaxy S8 FINAL Specs & Features Leak!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus FINAL Specs & Feature Leaks! Speed, Cameras, Release Date, Display & Rumor Roundup + Sources!

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  1. It's like telling a kid not to get the cookies from the cookie jar… Guess whats going to happen now. "hey but what would happen if I grip the phone to hard.. Will it blow up" lol

  2. can't wait for the final form galaxy android sX it comes with infinite forever battery life it wont die at all 😀 nanonite processor faster than alien ware processor can't wait!!!! 😀 LOL im jk guys but it could happen

  3. they leak stuff to get everyone on it. iPhone is shite there just old galaxy's with iPhone tec on top (fair enough they do a good job with it) I reckon the exploding bats were iPhone tec I reckon Samsung gave them the quad core for there internal batts which didn't work very well in the end:( gutted. I'm still on the note 4 get the s8+ today can't wait

  4. 99% of the comments: "This phone BLEW ME AWAY!", "This phone will explode our minds….literally", "Samsung is DA BOMB"

    Can you guys shut the fuck up.

  5. Damn, EAP You’re S8 Concept was 98% Accurate, The screen was 99% accurate, also the IP68, But you got the sizes wrong, you said S8 was 6:1 and the S8+ was 6:2, which is correct, You have prevented the FUTURE.