Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On: The Infinity Phone

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“How do we leverage intelligence to do something productive and helpful?” That’s the question Samsung put to itself when designing the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and the result is a device that has the potential to become the best smartphone of 2017. Compared to its forerunners, the Galaxy S8 shows you more, listens better … and even plays computer. Join MrMobile for more first impressions in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On / Galaxy S8+ Hands-On, and stay tuned for the Galaxy S8 Review coming soon!



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MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On/Galaxy S8+ Hands-On was produced following an hour-long hands-on session with a Galaxy S8 review device and a Galaxy S8+ review device at a media briefing hosted by Samsung. The devices were running preproduction software and the Galaxy S8 Hands-On contains no final purchase verdict (which will arrive with the full Galaxy S8 review later in the season).


Testing on a newer review device shows the main sensor to be an IMX333, not the same sensor as last year’s (as I was told it was by Samsung in the initial briefing). More on this in the full review. (Thanks to Sammobile for the initial reporting on this.)


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  1. I have had four Samsung Galaxy phones (the original S, S3, S5 and S7) – they are the best Android devices out there. Other than the finger print sensor being on the back, this new device looks even sharper. I have to say that I'm happy they've gotten rid of the home button. Never was a fan of that, although on the S7 it was unobtrusive (especially the fingerprint scanner).

  2. MrMobile [Michael Fisher] : When you are a good tech reviewer yourself then why would I put a positive comment on some other tech reviewer's page, to participate in the giveaway. Amazing cinematography mr. Michael fisher and a very neat and useful review …Kudos to the good work.!

  3. i love your videos. the way you put every information is so nice and clean. And your videos are like profesional quality. keep it Mr mobile and stay Mobile :))

  4. Think you mr Michael Fisher I was just searching things about the Galaxy S8 and your video help me a lot between Galaxy s8 to 8 plus and just subscribe and hope you the best with YouTube

  5. michael still i'm waiting for review of samsung dex station, there is reviews in youtube but not interested to watch, so please upload video about samsung dex as soon as possible, this is an order soldier loOol

  6. I really like the way you explain all the features of the phone, Moreover you add a new twist by adding clips of the product while using it. I really like this channel.