Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Move Apps/Games to SD Card

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Running out of storage on your Galaxy S8? I’ll walk you through how to move your Apps and Games onto your SD card to free up space!

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  1. I have no idea how someone can run out of space for apps on the S8 or S8+. If you're downloading a bunch of non-app stuff, you likely already have an SD card anyway for that purpose. I still wish Samsung would stop blocking the ability to use the SD card as internal storage, but with the S8 that's not a concern, it's more of a concern when it comes to Samsung tablets that already tend to have a limited storage capacity.

    Great video though! I'm sure there are people out there who don't know about this simply because Samsung blocks the feature of just using an SD card as internal memory.

  2. I've noticed if I activate developer mode and force apps to be saved to memory card scroll all the way down gives you more options to be moved just suggestion great video keep it up!

  3. can anyone help me my S7 Edge no longer detects my SD card anymore even when in its in there anyone knows whats causing the problem

  4. as a rule i put meia and games on the sd card frequently used appa even if i can move i leave in system on board storage

  5. There's a setting in Developer Options At The very bottom that you can select to have force all apps to be able to be written to external storage. Not sure if this works, haven't tried it yet for every app but something to check out

  6. ''only have 64GB of internal storage'' ?
    hahahahahahaha like thats not INCREDIBLY much ? ? ?
    i could not even get 32GB full, even with lotsssss of music, lotssss of apps and litereally hundreds of pics…

  7. I just transferred all needed apps to sd card but now it's all gone and I can't use it…but I observed my sd card storage used some space from those apps…any help? s8+ 256gb storage

  8. I do the same bro work good but what a about the store from my phone when I download my games and pass it to the SD card don't show me my storage from my phone back

  9. When I try to move apps it come up saying my sd card is full when only 5gb out of 64gb has been used on my card…..its driving me mad can't move anything onto it ?????