Samsung Galaxy S8: How to play music over Bluetooth 5.0

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Samsung Galaxy S8: How to play music over Bluetooth 5.0: We show off the Samsung Galaxy S8’s dual audio feature, which lets you play music over two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously, irrespective of brand, make or model.

Read the full How to play music using Bluetooth 5.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 feature on

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  1. Useless if LDAC is not there
    Xperia X's BT 4.2 with LDAC can transmit higher bit rates than the S8's average BT 5.0

    990Kbps, can the S8 do that?

  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 to Bluetooth Headphones is not pairing to my BT headphones and had no trouble pairing the same headphones to my S7. What am I missing and why is this so difficult??