Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) Hidden Features – PART 1

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In this video, I show you how to do some tips and tricks you may not have known your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus could do.
– How to change the Always on Display Settings
– How to take different types of screenshots on the Galaxy S8
– How to improve your sleep:
– How to turn on the blue light filter on the S8
– How to turn on Do Not Disturb on the S8
– How to turn on the fingerprint gesture on the S8


To start off, the always on display has various settings that can alter its appearance. On the s8 and s8+, you can select whether you want only the home button, only the clock and information, or both to show. You can also choose what content shows, from the default digital clock, to a specific image that you can set. The always on display also has this hidden feature where if you double tap the content in the middle and swipe left or right, you can access your music controls without turning on your phone’s screen.

The next two tips may help you get higher quality sleep. The light given off by electronics, including the s8’s AMOLED display, can negatively affect your sleep. Studies have shown that the blue light that the screen emits can slow or stop the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that signals our brain that it’s time for bed. Luckily, the s8 has a blue light filter that can be turned on and off through the quick toggles in the notification shade, or if you hold down on the icon, you will be able to set a schedule to automatically turn this feature on and off. Your phone could also be keeping you up at night because of notification alerts. A quick way to solve this issue is by using the s8’s “Do Not Disturb” feature. Like the blue light filter, you’ll be able to turn this feature on and off using the quick toggles, or you can set a schedule. You can also set exceptions for alarms, calls or texts from certain people, or notifications from certain apps.

When the s8 was announced, it was the first phone to feature Bluetooth 5.0. What this means is that you can connect your phone to two separate Bluetooth audio sources at one time. To do this, simply pull down your notification shade, and hold down the Bluetooth icon. Then tap the menu button and toggle on dual audio. Now you’ll be able to connect your s8 to two Bluetooth headphones for joint music sessions, or two Bluetooth speakers for better audio at a party.

Many people have complained about the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the new galaxy phones, and rightfully so. But there is a cool feature that you may not have known about. Especially on the s8 plus, the notification shade may be tricky to pull down. But by swiping down or up on the fingerprint scanner, you can pull down or raise the notification shade. If this feature isn’t on for you, you can turn it on by going to settings, advanced features, and finger sensor gestures.

The last couple of tips and tricks I wanted to show you involve the edge panel and the two panels I probably use the most: device maintenance and smart select. To use these panels, open the edge panel, click the settings button, and make sure the device maintenance and smart select panels are checked.

Sometimes, your phone could start getting noticeably slower or your battery could be draining abnormally fast. Instead of having to restart your phone, the device maintenance edge panel is a quick way to get your phone snappy and efficient again. To get to it, simply pull out the edge panel and swipe until you find it. This panel will search for things that may be making your phone slower or draining your battery faster, and will give you the option of fixing it right there. Just click the fix now button, and it will optimize your phone again without a restart. If one of the icons remains red, you can click it and click fix now in the settings menu that appears.

You may have known you can take a screenshot by holding down the power and lower volume buttons at the same time, or by swiping your hand across the screen, but Samsung has implemented other ways of capturing your screen’s content. Pull out the edge panel and swipe until you find the smart select panel. The top two buttons, will take a screen shot of a part of your screen in either a rectangle or oval. The gif button will let you make a gif from a video playing on your phone. Just play the video, click record, and your phone will create a gif of what just played. The pin to top option lets you take a partial screenshot and have it pinned at the top of your phone for reference.


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