Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – QHD+ vs FHD+ Battery Drain Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus QHD+ vs FHD+ Battery drain test. Does Quad HD+ on S8 really drains battery that much vs 1080p? Let’s find out.

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  1. I would use QHD if i had charger with me, but if im outside the whole day without a charger i would set it on FHD+. WHAT IS THE POINT OF USING A PREMIUM SMARTPHONE WITH A IPHONE QUALITY DISPLAY??? DUMB!!!

  2. I tell you now, the battery life in general on the Samsung s8 is incredible. Samsung have really hit the nail on the head with this one. (Amongst other things).
    I'm seriously impressed. (I did have an iPhone 7 but got my new Samsung last night. Best thing I've ever done)

  3. Repeat this test with some visual load like video playback from yt or better yet a game. There's no doubt in my mind that a mostly static screen yields marginal differences but what happens if it needs to constantly redraw. Start Pokémon go or something and do the same test. That's a pretty realistic test.

  4. Hi, would be great to see a test like this with the "always on" screen function. To see the difference by using the "always on" function and not

  5. Are those phones fake? Because on the S8 plus I know when you download Instagram it is set to full screen automatically. And before you say that I'm an idiot. I know that the phone of the right of both vids is an S7 edge.

  6. you should do youtube playback, of the same video every time, at the max resolution in question. Instagram feed is variable, and this alone make this test non-cientific. Not a bad test, but you should cut off the variables. tnx for the test anyways, I'm getting a S7 and the first thing I'll do after updates is change the screen resolution to FHD. Enough for a 5.1" screen imo and all battery life is welcome!