Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review: All You Need To Know!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus might be the hottest phone of 2017. Welcome to this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review. In this review we cover the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in depth and give you all the information you should need to help you make the decision as to whether this is the phone for you. Besides the screen size most of the information in this video should help those looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone as well. Any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and leave those down below in the comment section of this video and hit the like button if you enjoyed the content. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus might be the hottest phone of the year and in this video we review it fully and give you all you need to know about this phone to help you make an informed decision! Please share your comments, questions, video suggestions below and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. I preordered this and supposed to arrive at April 21st so i waited literally on the couch for the whole day, till i took a bath and when i came back, they left a note that no one answered the doorbell and shipped it again at the 24th???? i cried

  3. I heard the speaker phone is not loud enough, is this true?  This feature is important to me.  I use the speaker to watch videos.  Thanks for the comment.

  4. After using the phone for a week, I had to return my S8+ today.

    It is a gorgeous looking phone, camera is great, screen is awesome…but it was simply how I had to unlock the phone which made me send it back.

    Facial recognition was hit and miss to the point where it was honestly quicker to type in my pin than wait for it to recognise me. Iris scanning was pretty good in all lighting conditions but I had to look like a startled deer everytime I wanted to use it.

    The fingerprint scanner on the back is what killed it for me though. Because of the way I hold smartphones my thumb naturally falls to a front fingerprint scanner, such as my returned to service S7. On the s8+ with the scanner on the back I had to not only shift how I held my phone but also I never felt like my index finger fell to the scanner naturally. Plus with my s7 I can unlock the phone when it is on my desk.

    Maybe I should have given it a longer shake but my provider offers a 14 day no quibble return policy and I really didn't want to test if that included transit time.

  5. Watching from my first iPhone ( iPhone X ) and thinking about murdering this iPhone that I got two weeks ago. A lot people are having problem with voicemail activation or setting up but anyway the voicemail on iPhone X doesn't work including visual voicemail. Second, the screen seems to freeze or lock and I couldn't move it to the next or previous screen it happened several times while I was searching products on ebay. It can happen any time so I have to delete the app and download again. Third, the ear phones are hurting my ears and keep falling off my ears while listening to music and I guess others are having similar issue too. The ear phones or buds are supposed to be soft and flexible to suit our comforts but they are as hard as rock. Finally,. Most apps especially music ones are for purchasing and it won't let anyone to convert music from YouTube to mp3 for downloading. I'be been using Samsung phone for the last 12 years and still love Samsung Galaxy phones but this time someone made me switch to iPhone and wishing that this iPhone X would last for many years because it costed me $1,149 for 256G and now it proved to me that I've just made a mistake. I've never liked or adored all iPhones ever since they first came out to the market.

    I am really disappointed about this iPhone X device. Who doesn't want a very good and useful phone after spending $1,149 ? The voicemail don't even work and I think it's a joke ! Followed YouTube channels to how to activate, set up or trouble shoot the voicemail issue but still can't get it working.

    Tomorrow I'll take it back to store to have someone get it set up or get a replacement. I've used Samsung phones since the Eternity, Galaxy S4, S5, Nore 4 and now will get this S8+ to save my life for sure.

    Please spread this message everyone to stay away from iPhone X. I was so mad and upset and almost threw it down ( All of my strength.) Onto the concrete floor.