Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

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The Galaxy S8 Plus is the Android phone you want if you like big and tall smartphones. It has a massive 6.2-inch display that doesn’t make the actual dimensions of the device much bigger.

Essentially the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the same phone as the Samsung Galaxy S8. When it comes to camera, UI and Bixby (dammit), you can find out about those features in our Samsung Galaxy S8 review.

However, when it comes to the small differences between the plus and the S8, here’s what you need to know.


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  1. The difference only in storage speed the S8 plus comes with UFS 2.1 and S8 some with UFS 2.0 and some with UFS 2.1 plus S8 plus has a wider screen than ordinary S8.

  2. can somebody with an S8 Plus measure the length from the fingerprint scanner to the heart sensor in centimeters ? because i have a louis vuitton case for the s6 but it also fit my s7 edge and i wanted to see if the camera hole on the case is big enough for the s8 plus if anyone can help me that would be great

  3. The galaxy s8 and s8 plus are the phones to get. It's an iPhone with much more and better features. I've been an iPhone costumer since the first, and yes I do still use an iPad just because I have it. But the Galaxy s8 plus is the best phone I've ever had! From the features to the design it's just awesome! So glad I switched!!!!

  4. Just ordered an s8+, upgrading from my s5. Had a heck of a time finding a case that had both rear and front protection like I do now with my bodyglove s5 case. Finally found a Clayco Hera series case. Also bought a wireless charging dock and car charger. New toys!

  5. how about the GPS accuracy and reliability? or cell reception? i have found that a lot of phones are lacking in these departments… i have a samsung avant and it beats even the newest lg phones and even at times an apple phone. i personally love teh extras but when the connectivity and tools (GPS) dont work right i could care less about the fancy stuff cause i can get a tablet to do that stuff… or just a computer!

  6. Just switched from the s7 edge to the S8 plus and it's amazing the difference! I was thinking about the Note 8 but the S8 just felt better in the hand…..that and the S8 plus was 450 bucks cheaper on contract. No brainer.

  7. Love ? my S8 plus. I got used to the finger print sensor location. I am comfortable now.
    Best display.
    Amazing battery life.
    Snappy performance.
    Great multimedia experience.
    Overall a completely satisfied customer.

  8. Why do people complain about the finger print scanner it is not in a bad spot it works 100 percent of the time… when you hold it in your hand it comes naturally… all you have to do is move your finger…