Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Scratch Test Gorilla Glass 5

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We beat and rub some tools on the display and back panel of Samsung galaxy s8 plus for scratch test because it has protection of gorilla glass 5.

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  1. what kinda scratch test is that? Why demonstrating with the phone app?? Just switch it off, put it on the table and use your tools to actually damage it… Also you cant see any scratches as long as the display is on.. useless video haha

  2. I had my sgs8plus for one week,dropped it one time and now I have a crack on the front. Not impressed at all.
    So many people have had the same experience. I have had every galaxy phone and never had a cracked screen even though they all got dropped countless times onto concrete.

  3. Да хуле там, возьми погладь стеклом об стиральную машинку, она ведь такая тяжелая. Уебанство, а не тест.