Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Quick Look

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The best from Samsung versus the best from Apple – Join us as we take a first look at how the Galaxy S8 Plus compares with the iPhone 7 Plus!

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  1. S8 catered to pretentious hipsters, poseurs, and pretty graphics whores. This latest fashion accessory will be tossed away after a year.

    We all know that is John's iPhone 7 Plus coming from iPhoneArena. He and Krystal Key use iPhones even though they work for AA.

    Josh is the only awesome Filipino phone reviewer on YouTube. ?? John is the Pinoy version of David Pierce formerly from The Verge.

  2. Can you have a giveaway to give away 5 iPhone 7's please. If I don't win this Samsung s8 I want another chance to win one of the best phones on the market which are theses two phones.

  3. Specs and numbers don't really mean that much, I'm more about day-to-day use. Also, Samsung and Android as a whole are really slacking when it comes to communication and messaging, so I'm going with the iPhone right now.

  4. Galaxy S8:
    6.2 inch QHD+ HDR infinity display
    Snapdragon 835 chipset
    3 different biometric security options
    IP68 Rating
    Futuristic glass and metal industrial design.
    Superior Cameras in every way.
    Headphone jack

    iPhone 7+:
    1080p/720p screen (is this 2013? I mean come on)
    Well built but dated design
    Chunky bezels that serve no function other than to make the phone huge with a relatively small screen.
    No headphone jack
    Ip67 water resistance, more susceptible to damage.

  5. You know what's funny, people keep knocking apple for using a 1080p display which in my opinion isn't bad at all but they still use a 1080p ?. Most of you guys are years behind as far as household items such as tvs, computers, etc… shouldn't you just be happy with the technology you have and accept it. If you want the best of the best then build your own phone. See how easy that goes

  6. Iphone 7 plus $750: so frickin expensive

    s8 plus $850: okay fine

    iphone 7 plus no headphone jack: Iphone is the loser

    htc u ultra no headphone jack: okay fine

    iphone 6 plus camera bump: ewww so ugly

    s6 edge camera bump: okay fine

    LAGDROID fans are so biased!!

  7. I wouldn't trust this guy, he is very biased. He is always talking trash on Samsung and never says anything bad about apple.

  8. Future huh s8? Your flagship released 6 months after i7 plus and doesn't have a dual cam for zoomed classy photos nor doesn't have a portrait mode option! The design on the back, always premium on i7 plus but kudos to s8 on the display! Battery- Not a big difference! We all know nothing can beat a10x fusion chip! Even android authority said it! At least I have more security in my phone! Never lags till the end and if u are saying the iOS is too restricted, I can always jailbreak it and make it 10 times more amazing than a rooted phone in android! You may have many features but when it comes to daily driver, speed and optimisation is really important where Apple has actually concentrated the most from the start! Third party accessories are available everywhere and u don't need run from store to store for a case! And the behemoth beast ios 11 is coming soon! It's going to be an extraordinary defeat for the s8 when the iPhone 8 launches with fresh iOS 11 and u guys still comparing s8 to last year genereation's iphone! Super saturated shitty photos from the s8 which my cousin regretted in the long run! Could not even get the right colour of a tree which is green, the photo was lemon-yellow coloured!??!…No offence to anyone but as people say, it's just my opinion! Doesn't matter if u take it or not!் whoever reads this have a great day <3

  9. Both Phones Are Great!.. But If I'd Be Asked To Only Choose One.. I'd Go With Android? Considering I Have An Apple Device As My Second Daily Drivee

  10. samsung makes unmatched handsets but the OS lets them down. Problem with android is that user experience is almost identical whether you have $200 handset or $800 handset. There is nothing exclusive. I sold iphone 7 plus to buy the feature rich galaxy s8+ but for 2 days i remained lost in settings oh my god…hundreds of them. I have to dig down deep to reach a particular settings and next time i was lost ( for example quick open notification panel) .Placing app's icons on grids looks kiddish and if you press on home screen for a second the interface for setting wallpapers, widgets etc does n't look sophisticated. Then single pulldown and double pulldown of status bar is annoying . Editing pictures is so simple on iphone as compared to s8+. So after 2 days i sold s8+ and now i am back to iphone 7 plus. So dear samsung as you are known for putting ur own skin on android so please make that skin simple and sophisticated. so that everyone can use that easily. Pls redesign that. Your phones are fabulous, no doubt