Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus – Battery Drain Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Battery Drain Test. A battle to the DEATH. Which one is the ultimate battery king? iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S8 Plus? Can iPhone avenge the loss it took in the battery charging speed test? let’s find out.

S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Battery charging speed –

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S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test –

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  1. IPhones are shit don't even argue with me Samsung is owning shit and that's fact people just have IPhones because they started as good quality phones and im talking like 2g to 5s and everyone hopped on the bandwagon train after that till this day the iPhone is a a rip off for the money

  2. Comparing percentages of different capacitu batteries is an ineffective comparison.
    I have done the math for anyone interested:
    Samsung S8 Plus battery capacity = 3500mAh
    iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity = 2900mAh

    First Test: IG for one hour
    Samsung S8 Plus: 88% 3080mAh
    iPhone 7 Plus: 90% 2610mAh
    Samsung Wins this round.

    Second Test: YT for two hours
    Samsung S8 Plus: 71% 2485mAh
    iPhone 7 Plus: 49% 1421mAh
    Samsung Wins this round.

    Third Test: A8 for one hour
    Samsung S8 Plus: 56% 1960mAh
    iPhone 7 Plus: 19% 551mAh
    Samsung Wins this round.

    Fourth Test: Camera Usage Sudden Death
    Samsung S8 Plus: 39% 1365mAh
    iPhone 7 Plus: 0% 0mAh
    Samsung Wins this round.

    Samsung 4 Apple 0

  3. This is funny, I hate Apple yet I use an iPhone, love galaxy BUT… I go to bed once I have a full charge on my iPhone, I wake up n my 100% still says good morning to me. Not a single Android has never given me such pleasure. I have an iPhone cuz I live my life n use a phone I dnt live on a phone n if I dnt use it, stays alive, even if I dnt use my android, background kills it.

  4. samsung has buitin youtube app which uses the phone to use less battery but where as in iphone we have to download extra youtube app because of this the battery will drain fastly…. ultimately iphone 7 plus is the winner…