Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Vs iPhone 7 Plus slow motion: smashing things up with a power fist

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We got a couple of hours with the power fist from Dawn of War III and thought what better opportunity to test out the slow motion camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus.


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  1. Should've used the XZs instead if you can't use the XZ Premium

    Anyway this is a pretty good battle, but Sony won in the end. It's a Sony sensor vs Sony sensor after all

  2. iPhone's footage is blurry . Nobody does slow-motion to get blurry shots. Slow-motion is all about slowing down the motion, idealy with frozen frames. iPhone footage is garbage, it's unfixable. S8 footage can be fantastic. Just need to boost the shadows, tone down contrast and it should result in proper, sharp slow-motion with zero blur (ideal).

  3. don't know shit. go into any phone store and do slow motion test with s8 and 7 plus. 7plus looks better everytime. your video sucks