Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price.

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  1. Can anybody give me a suggestion? All my life I have been using Apple device, did use android before but less than a month I changed back to iPhone. I've just got my iPhone 7 Plus 2 weeks ago , recently 2 days ago my battery started to drain drastically. I've charge it 100% and whenever I use my phone for about 10mins-20mins from 100% it will drop to 92% or even 90% and the phone heatup. I thought i was the only one but it turns out that the IOS 10.3.3 software is having some issues and I'm not the only one who is having this problem. So I'm now waiting for the new IOS to come out so I can update the software to stop this problem. And now I'm hesitating to switch from 7 Plus to S8 Plus but only scare I'll regret it. Can anybody give me real suggestion on whether if I should switch to Android… I really love my 7 Plus but I would like to give S8 Plus a try…