Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Xiaomi MI MIX – Gaming Comparison! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Xiaomi MI MIX Gaming Comparison. Amazing displays but which one is the best when it comes to gaming? Let’s find out.

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  1. I have the Mi Mix and performance suck as hell !
    I have never seen a device that throttle like this. For example, play 5 min of gangstar new orleans, and it starts to lag, if you look at CPU, the 2 big cores max frequencies down to 1.GHz, whereas max frequencies is 2.3Ghz! THROTTLING AS HELL. Even if you watch 2 min of a youtube video, it start to heat…. Never had this kind of issue with my OP3T wiche also use a snapdragon 831… Xiaomi damn suck

  2. wtf was this video anout
    a boy playing games on his phones ??
    is that what it has come to.. is that all what it takes to become a youtuber / reviewer

  3. When it comes to battery life, Mi Mix wins over S8+ by a mile! SOT on gaming session results more than 7 hours vs more than 6 hours on S8+, hell even the pricing is cheaper than S8+.

    I own a Galaxy S8 (Not the S8+), was planning to buy Razer Phone but the results and the cons especially average battery life for a 4k battery. Mi Mix is the real deal for me in 2018, even if Mi Mix is halfway to 2 years and I don't mind a downgrade for that beautiful phone next to my Galaxy S8 of course.