Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Xiaomi MI MIX – Speed Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Xiaomi MI MIX Speed Test. Finally a warrior Galaxy S8+ has come to battle against the mythical Mi Mix. Can the S8 Plus prevail or get slayed? Let’s Find out.

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  1. Abi seni tebrik ederim çok iyi yapıyorsun bende xiaomi mi mix 256 gb modelinden almayı düşünüyorum ne dersin Samsung daha estetik ama Türkiye de daha pahalı

  2. Mix costs half of the price of s8+, has a better screen size and screen to body ratio, and it’s screen will not suffer from burn in. Picking s8+ over mix is basically equal to paying 400+reduced longevity for that better screen(and better camera). So the answer is simple: if you are very rich then get s8+. Mix is much better value to most people.

  3. Samsung always has some flashy design. don't know if any one else experience this, but the thing hold me back from Samsung is that , given that phone or tv or sound bar etc. They seems always give your problem or just stop working right after warranty period expired. Every Samsung I own did this.

  4. OLED display on the Samsung is just so darn beautiful. But, I gotta give the Mi Mix the win on phone design, ceramic material, and personally I prefer the larger Mi Mix to the narrower S8.

  5. I know the camera on the Xiaomi is renowned for being pretty crappy but hiw bad is it in real world use? Im really tempted to get this phone but the camera quality has me hesitating….