Samsung Galaxy S8 – REAL Day in the Life!

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Today we spend a real day with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus to see how they function in the real world. We’ll test things like that new Infinity display, camera, battery life, Bixby, bluetooth 5.0, and more!

Look out for a video on best accessories for the Galaxy S8!

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  1. At first I'm like: ah man ?, I wish I could afford this phone (my classmate's family is kinda rich and she has an iPhone X)
    But then I think: I'm gonna make a rich family and everyone of them will have beastly devices!

  2. I love to here about the phone its so awesome I have been wanting the phone you have and me and my wife love that phone and we are needing new phones and I love to here more about the phone and thankyou for telling me about the phone and and I thank that's a amazing phone and me i have the galaxy 4 me wife has the galaxy 5 and yeah we need new phone's and we love android phone thankyou about the video thanks man

  3. And yes the galaxy s8 is for use and wh you said galaxy s8 give away i was like what really that's so awesome man we really love that phone

  4. Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus Hello, I'm Diana, from Latvia in Europe. I just bought the money for this phone, but then all the money had to be paid to my dad, because the machine was broken. And there was no way to go to school. That's all, because I really want this phone. It's possible when you ask I will be very grateful to this phone, I am a student. And it is Christmas time …

  5. I bought this phone like 2 weeks ago and this phone is sick! However one of the main disadvantages for me is the screen for youtube, netflix and other apps of that sort. I feel like the screen stretches and makes it look weird but ik that can be improved and definitly needs to be and something else annoyin is buyin glass screen protecters and thin cases also bixby can be improved. The camera is kinda too close up too if you know what i mean.

  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5… and the battery is a prob. I would like it with the skin…
    Sephora is super cool, they have cologne for men, and if you sit at the makeup stands, you can plug in to recharge your phone…