Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

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The Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s latest flagship device which includes a brand new design featuring the infinity display and also a pressure sensitive home button! Here are my thoughts after using it as my daily driver. Check out SlickWraps:

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  1. These tech YouTuber tend to follow other tech YouTuber opinion. Which is kind of disappointing. Just tell your own opinion instead of repeating what other​ have said.

  2. Great video as always!! I just wanted to know if you had any issues with the fingerprint sensor not reading your fingerprint? I have had this happen to me three different times. I restarted the phone and it seemed to solve the issue but I can't say it won't happen again.

  3. the finger scanner is a non issue with a case and the iris scanner is crazy fast not sure why you reviewers have such a issue with that. try just looking at the screen like normal you shouldn't have to hold it in a weird way

  4. Great review Tim! Always enjoy your videos! Samsung continues to be the hardware manufacturer with the best looking devices…curious to see what the 2017 iPhone looks like. The leaks showing it's design may give Samsung a run for it's money.

  5. I got the S8 when it first came out and I love this phone, I had the Note 4 and I got the S8 and I love this phone and the funny thing is that it don't not look like a 5.8" when you get it cause someone tell me how did they pull this off,calling this a 5.8" why it don't look like it help me out on this one.

  6. I like how everyone who reviews the s8 tends to always mention that now would be a good time to jump on the galaxy s7. Kind of speaks to how good teh s7 is/was and still usable today

  7. I am left handed with average size hands, I borrowed a friends S8+ and didn't have a problem with the finger print scanner. Maybe it is because I have been using the Huawei Mate 9 for the last 5 months!

  8. I never gave Samsung much credit since I'm not a huge Android fan, but I do love the Galaxy S8 and I just might make the switch!
    Great review video, by the way, man! Just started watching your videos not too long ago and I love your work. Keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

  9. Hey Tim I'm a big fan I've watching your videos waaaay back since you had the HTC Evo 4G LTE I was wandering if you could please do a rooting video on the galaxy s8+! if you reply I won't drink for the rest of the year!

  10. thanks for the review Tim! I'm gonna get an S8 for sure!! ASAP! 🙂 btw, youtube unsubbed me from your channel.. just so you know, but I'm BACK!! 🙂

  11. Tu canal es estupendo amigo haces excelentes análisis y me gusta la forma que describes cada sección del terminal adelante y éxitos Saludos desde Paraguay

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