Samsung Galaxy S8 Review | 2 Months Later!

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Galaxy S8 is an amazing smartphone, but how does it hold up 2 months after its release?
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  1. nice video! However I felt that throughout the entire video the implicit message was something like – "the phone is above average, but not great!" , yet you gave an overwhelmingly positive verdict in the end…

  2. The Iris Scanner Face Scanner is like we help the government to collect all our faces and eyes into a hug big Database , hahaha actually we do their work instead they knock on the doors on everyone and say: Hi we need your Iris from Your Eyes and a picture of your Face , Just for our database " . Well it would take them life long to go this way knocking on everybodies door. The clever idea and fastest one maybe lessthen 6 days instead of 70 years , lets create for our users as an exciting app on their smartphones . 250 millions going to buy the phone. 250 millions are so excited to use Iris scanner and Face Scanner well it is a cool thing. but ching ching the government has from 250 millions peoples all their Eyes Iris and all from 250 million peoples 250 million Faces . And all is now stored in a Cloud and Database isn't that clever and amazing 😉 ….I am just sayin . All the fingerprints , all the iris , all the Face who owns all theses devices included myself . Are stored now in DATAClouds . WELCOME TO THE FUTURE .

  3. Loved the video..
    I have a question.. I'm planning to buy the United states "S8" unlocked variant (G950UZKAXAA) will this model work in India under GSM? Thank you…

  4. you can always use the unlock button? keep it in your pocket like normal people, then you dont need a password, then you can just press a button and boom your in your phone, without waiting for face scanning password typing and swiping waste of time.